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Getting’ jiggy with the DSLR

It’s funny.  I know that I should be out there using my film camera since I’m staring a darkroom class this September, but I recently re-discovered my DSLR when I agreed to take photos for a friend’s sister’s wedding.

I bought this Cannon Rebel 300D from a friend a couple of years ago for a very reasonable price. It’s nearly  considered an antique by today’s DSLR standards, and it’s boasts a paltry 6.3 megapixels. I think that current models have up to twice that. Ah well, I digress. The camera was also equipped with the original battery and and a tiny memory card (60 images max?). I would take it out to shoot bands at live shows and get discouraged when the battery died after half a set.  Being ignorant of all things digital, I had no idea that the battery was old, tired, and needed to be replaced. I just thought that it sucked. Hard. I also knew that something had to be done if I was going to use it to shoot a wedding ( my first, BTW….)

After some digging around on the interwebs, I  discovered that I all I needed to start enjoying my Canon was a nice new battery and a 2 gig memory card.  Wow!  Viva la difference! I could take almost 700 pictures without the battery indicator budging.  Whoa.  Now a moral dilemma….  I never really used this camera before because it was so unreliable.  Now it was a workhorse  rearing to get out there and take some damned pictures. And show them to me. Instantly. Not like my Minolta which required both time and money to get the film developed to see if I even got anything good.

Damn it, I’ve been hooked ever since.  I had been so opposed to the digital world, stubbornly holding on to the idea that nothing can come close to analog (I still believe this to be true) .  But one thing is certain- instant gratification is a helluva drug.  I can go out and shoot all day, come home and download my images to my laptop, mess around with them a bit, and see instant results.  I have to admit that I like it! Sigh.

I feel like I’m cheating on my Minolta.  She will be waiting patiently for the novelty of the Canon to wear off, and I will have to return to her once again come Setember.  Actually, I think that the darkroom class will be very rewarding, as I will finally get to experience the photographic experience from beginning to end. My hand will guide each and every step, from shutter to developing to printing.  I’m pretty excited about it, actually.  Until then….. here are some images from my recent forays into DSLR land…..

wildflower in my yard


deer revisited


my neighborhood @ sunset


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