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Manual SLR

Please check out my mini photo essay of Portland on the “Life, Panoramic” website!

Very excited 🙂


Hot off the press

I am happy to announce that my camera and i have been having a great summer here in Portland.  I’ve been trying to see the city in a new way. After living here for 15 years it’s hard to view my surroundings with new eyes. One way to remedy this fact, I’ve recently discovered, is to try and pretend that I’m a tourist!  So far, I think it’s working…..

an old fire station in NW Portland

the things you see when you hang out under a bridge

under the Broadway Bridge

granary on the Willamette


makes me want to take a train somewhere

graffiti isn't ALL ugly

Definitely NOT grain-free….

Ya can’t get this from digital!


Downtown PDX



I <3 this photograph!

This is one of my favorite images. I took it at 3am with a 35mm SLR that I bought at a yard sale earlier that day. I should stay up late more often!
I'll give you a dollar if you can guess what this is....

Oh, Minolta X-700, how I’ve missed thee…

It’s been about a year or more since I’ve employed my trusty manual SLR. After purchasing a used Cannon Rebel DSLR last summer, I almost forgot the joy of shooting with film. I love the anticipation, the waiting to see if anything on the roll is worth printing. I also really dig the act of composing and focusing a shot the “old fashioned” way. There’s no image-stabilization or auto-focus… it’s all very tactile and therefore rewarding when a shot turns out. Here are a couple of gems from my first “practice” roll. I’m taking a darkroom class in fall so I better get back in the swing of things.

Kind of cute, for a dog...

I don't see these three lovely women as often as I should!


the right place at the right time...